Raising Nashville Podcast

Come Play With Us - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 42

January 27, 2020

Quick, what was your favorite toy growing up?  Chances are one or two specific toys popped into your head right then.  If you have kids, what do you think their answer will be when they're your age?  On this weeks episode we're unboxing (not literally) the toys that our kids are playing with and comparing them to the toys we grew up with.  Tune in as Old Boy discusses the disturbing fact that the Peppa Pig themed kitchen set has a sound effect that is obviously bacon frying, Bucky complains about how none of his kids toys are fun enough for him to play with,  then old man Juicebox explains the difference between a Remote Control Car and a Radio Control Car.  So cuddle up with My Buddy, snuggle up with that Glow Worm, and pop another clip in that Nerf gun, it's time for another episode of the Raising Nashville Podcast.