Raising Nashville Podcast

Drinking With Joysticks - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 47

March 2, 2020

The flashing lights and sounds, the smell of cigarettes and pizza(?), picking out an eraser to spend your 10,000 ski ball tickets on. If you're around our age you probably remember the overwhelming sensation of walking through an arcade as a kid.  Sometimes you were lucky enough to have some quarters burning a hole in your pocket, sometimes you just had to look at the game and just daydream about how much fun it probably is to play.   Well, thanks to modern cash grab based around everything nostalgic about our childhoods, Arcades are BACK!  Well kinda.  Now instead of pumping quarters into the game you're pumping expensive beers and cocktails into your system while trying to conquer that 4 player Simpsons game you never had enough money to play back in the day. Yes, this week the guys are discussing the resurgence of arcade, or the arcade bar more specifically.  We talk about some of the offerings Nashville currently has and some that may be opening in the future.  So leave your quarters on the nightstand and join us on this weeks episode of the Raising Nashville Podcast.



8 Bit Theme song by - Shane LaRue (A.K.A. Better Atoms)