Raising Nashville Podcast

Everybody Poops - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 53

April 13, 2020

You ever changed a poopy diaper?  You ever changed a poopy diaper 1500-2000 times?  Man it gets OLD. But when it comes time to start potty training it's not like you just throw away those diapers and say "here's the toilet" (well for most of us it doesn't happen that way).  On this weeks episode the dads are talking about potty training.  We'll go through a brief, somewhat confusing, timeline of the history of potty training, talk about how the age of potty training has shifted to later in a child's life, and discuss some of the general DO's and DON'Ts of potty training.  So pull up a seat on the toilet and enjoy this weeks episode of the Raising Nashville Podcast.