Raising Nashville Podcast

From Prevalence to Pedal Taverns: The History of Lower Broadway - Raising Nashville Episode 10

May 12, 2019

This week we dive into the history of Lower Broadway here in Nashville with the help of Bucky, our in house historian.  He takes us on a journey from the auto and furniture dealership phases of Lower Broadway through the seedier times, when "smut" dealers were taking over the streets, and downtown Nashville had a very "alternate 1985 timeline" feel.  All the way up to current day, where pedal taverns and chop top busses crowd the road with hundreds of scooters and thousands of pedestrians.  We then talk about some of our best/worst memories about downtown, do some roll playing to get to the bottom of a situation involving a certain Super Bowl winning quarterback, and invite a special guest into the studio to discuss what she loves about downtown Nashville.  This one's a bit on the long side, but it's a history lesson, stick around and you may learn something.  Or hear us get something wrong and learn us something.  It's a two way street with our Listenership.