Raising Nashville Podcast

I’ll Cry If I Want To - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 44

February 10, 2020
Happy Birthday to you!  You smell like a shoe!  Yep, that's right loyal listnership, this week we are talking children's birthdays! Well, unless you're Oldboy's kid.... We give you our recommendations for Nashville's hottest birthday party venues, somehow find ourselves discussing the history of birthday parties and dive into a sad story involving Chuck E Cheese.  From headaches to party favors we're here to tell all you parents out there, you're not alone.  We also debate as parents whether you should stay at their friends birthday parties or take some much needed time to yourself. So whether you are dropping 50K on or leaving town for your kid's birthday you might want to give this episode a listen. Also, RIP Monkey Joe's...you're gone but will never be forgotten.