Raising Nashville Podcast

It Vs. Jason Vs. Mikey Vs. Demented Ted Nugent - Raising Nashville Episode 26

October 6, 2019

Theeeeeyyy'rrrrrree Baaaaaack! And just in time for the Halloween season. The dudes at Raising Nashville start off reviewing the movie IT Chapter Two, get bored, and reignite an age old argument between Bucky and Oldboy: who would win in a thrown down between Michael "Mayo-naze" Myers and Jason "You Gettin' Freaky?" Voorhees! While the answer is obvious,  Juicebox throws a wild card into the mix: Otis "Who's Your Daddy" Driftwood. Yes, the winner is still clear, but the episode is fun purely for Bucky's meager arguments. Tune in or get slashed down, but whatever you do, ….don't listen alone!