Raising Nashville Podcast

NO! - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 46

February 24, 2020

Do you want to put on your shirt? NO!  Do you want to sit down and have some breakfast? NO!  Do you want this present? NO!  Yes, on this weeks episode of the Raising Nashville Podcast we're talking about everyone's favorite period of child development, the "Terrible Two's".  And even though Oldboy claims it didn't happen with his kid (we still don't believe him) it is a real thing for most parents.  This week we're diving into some of the causes behind your kids "Terrible" actions and discuss some options you have when your kid is having that full on melt down (one of the suggestions may or may not be drugs and alcohol, for yourself of course, not the kid).  So say yes to this weeks episode of the Raising Nashville Podcast, or maybe someone needs to think about it in Time Out