Raising Nashville Podcast

Stay Home, Listen to Podcasts - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 51

March 30, 2020
This week we take a short break from the Covid-19 pandemic to preview some of our favorite local Nashville podcasts.  Let's be honest, we can only listen to ourselves so much and we're sure you can too.  On this weeks episode we tie in three local podcasts that are each part of our own mission, which is dads raising children in Nashville while drinking and talking about pop-culture. Up first we find out Zeke Baker's (Dads Drinking Bourbon) favorite well bourbon then we transition into Chris Green's (99% Local Podcast) one percent. Finally Kelly Hoyle Bolick (San Dimas Today) stops by the studio to talk about everything Bill & Ted related including the upcoming film Bill & Ted Face the Music.  So whether you are a dad, bourbon drinker, not from here, or are a fan of Keanu Reeves we have something for everyone!  The interviews start off professional then turn into strange obsessions, off-beat questions and a whole lot of fun.  We also discover Oldboy has an obscure man crush.  All this and more on this weeks Raising Nashville podcast.