Raising Nashville Podcast

That One Global Pandemic Movie - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 52

April 6, 2020

(90's Movie Trailer Voice)  In a world where everyone is stuck at home, three dads decide to watch a movie about a global pandemic, but then they realize that movie cost $4.99 on Amazon, so they open up Netflix and decide to watch that OTHER global pandemic movie.  Will they make it through the movie?  Will Bucky figure out who that security guard is? Does Oldboy really think Cuba was flying that helicopter?  Will we say the name Patrick Dempsey more or less than 25 times? 

Tune in this week for these answers and more as we review the 1995 blockbuster (?) film Outbreak, starring Rene Russo, a monkey, terrible hairstyles, a bunch of canceled dudes, and most definitely not Josh Brolin or Simon Pegg.  Are we off of lock down yet?