Raising Nashville Podcast

The First Saturday In May - Raising Nashville Podcast - Episode 55

April 27, 2020

Back in January Bucky, Juicebox, and Oldboy were approached by a member of their listenership with an opportunity to not only go to the Kentucky Derby, but to sit in a box.  If you know anything about the Derby you know what a big deal this is.  In honor of that invite we recorded an episode about the history of the Kentucky Derby and some of interesting celebrities that had attended over the years.  Our intention was to record the 2nd half of the podcast after attending the Derby.... welp, so much for that idea.  Instead we decided to get together and talk about some of our favorite experiences from Derby's past with the help of 17 time Kentucky Derby attendee & Juicebox's better half, Dana.  Sure this episode is a little long, but you probably have a lawn to mow or some landscaping to take care of, so crush up some fresh mint, dump some bourbon on top of it, chug it, listen to this podcast, and pretend we're actually living in a different timeline.