Raising Nashville Podcast

You Don’t Want To Do This - Raising Nashville Episode 34

December 2, 2019

A few weeks back, before we sat down to record our Hot Chicken episode, Bucky came rolling in, fired up about some "Haunted House" called McKamey Manor.  He proceeded to describe to Juicebox and Old Boy, in detail, the history of this "Haunt" and it's owner/proprietor Russ McKamey.   After 45 minutes of Bucky trying to convince us that he could make it through the Haunted House that no one has made it through Juicebox finally got fed up, yelling "Shut up about this stupid torture house!"  Fast forward three weeks and here we are talking about it on a podcast, much to Juicebox's displeasure.   We'll dive into some of the things that could happen to you if you decide to attempt the Manor (spoiler, it's torture), speculate on what the real point of all of this is and ponder what type of person would want to attempt this (Bucky).  Enjoy?